What Makes Us Different?

     Who's Got Thyme allows you to sample unique grocery items from small businesses around the United States!  If you really enjoy one of the unique items, you can support that small business by reordering it from their website and checking out their other products.

     In addition to the one of a kind items, a box contains recipes to incorporate those items and also guides for meal planning.  You will have enough options to make several days of meals.  Recipes can be customized to your family size and your way of eating whether that's vegan, paleo, keto, gluten free or other.

     Since you control the ingredients by doing the shopping yourself, all meals can be customized to your dietary needs.  You can use your favorite shopping App or click list to make the process more convenient and shop from a store that fits your budge.  This gives you the option of choosing items that are gluten free or vegan, but also gives you the flexibility to buy local product, grass-fed meat, or organic.

Time and Money Saving Tips:

     Diced onions can be found in the produce section, you could purchase frozen diced onions to have on hand as needed, or you can buy a whole organic onion to dice yourself and freeze the extra for later.  The choice is yours!

About Who's Got Thyme

This company came from the idea that there were better ways to prepare meals and help people try new things.  With our boxes, each month you get to support small businesses that make unique grocery products.  You also receive customizable recipes that fit your dietary needs and shopping lists to make your shopping easier.

We love pets so we will be featuring a cool pet product each month in Misu and Maggie's Corner.  Also 10% of all profits will go to an animal chairty which we will rotate.


It is possible to eat healthy without feeling deprived.  There is a good tasting healthy alternative for whatever you need to replace in your diet.  Who's got thyme can help.

About Harmony

Harmony graduated from Culinary School in 2006 and has worked in many different areas of the food service business since then.  She loves Jesus, her family, animals and unique foods.